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High Quality Amazon Proxies

Conquer Amazon tasks with blazing-fast connections and reliable uptime to ensure flawless performance. 

Exclusive and Dedicated

Enjoy private proxies dedicated solely to your needs. Maximizing bandwidth and avoiding any throttling with exclusive proxies.

Transparent Proxy Plans

Our transparent pricing eliminates surprise charges. Focus on scaling your business, not managing proxy costs.

Tailored Proxy List

Target specific locations to unlock region specific deals, verify product listings worldwide, or manage multiple accounts efficiently.

Unlimited Bandwidth

 Download product data, manage listings, and automate tasks seamlessly without bandwidth limitations.

Instant Proxy Refresh

Refresh your Amazon proxy IPs in an instant! Use our unique refresh feature to acquire proxies with just a single click.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

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Instant Setup

Instant Refresh

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What are Amazon Proxies

Amazon proxies are special servers that act as intermediaries between your device and Amazon’s servers. In simpler terms, they essentially cloak your real IP address and location, making it appear as if you’re accessing Amazon from a different location.


Data Collection and Market Research

Businesses use proxies to collect data from Amazon to understand pricing trends and competitor analysis.

Account Management

Sellers can manage multiple Amazon accounts for different regions and purposes using proxies.

Unlocking Exclusive Deals

Proxies can help you discover and access Amazon deals that are only available in specific regions. 

Enhanced Privacy

Proxies can add a layer of anonymity to your browsing activity and make it more difficult to track your online activities.

Private Amazon Proxy Provider

Their prices are pretty low considering that other services charge more than twice as much for fewer features. If you’re looking for cheap IPs with good privacy, then Newipnow is the solution.

NewIPNow has been delivering proxies at a very cheap cost for many years. However, even if the proxies are affordable, the quality is not affected. Proxies supplied by NewIPNow provide a high level of anonymity and dependability.

NewIPNow has managed to stay a trustworthy provider throughout the years thanks to its good customer support and proxies that work. We couldn’t find any customer reviews complaining about the service, so you can be sure NewIPNow is a legitimate company.

NewIPNow offers social media proxies at a very cheap price. We tested their proxies and confirmed that it works on social media.

The interesting thing is that some of NewIPNow customers ask for doubling their orders or buying more IPs. This means one thing only, that NewIPNow provides working proxies and their customers are pleased with what they bought.

The proxies are also compatible with sneaker sites, ads sites, and similar other sites, for which, other providers usually have separate plans and often charge higher.

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Can I use free Amazon proxies?

Free proxies often come with limitations like slow speeds, unreliable connections, and a higher risk of being blocked by Amazon.

Will using an Amazon proxy get my account banned?

As long as you use proxies within Amazon’s TOS, the risk of a ban is low. However, engaging in prohibited activities like creating fake accounts or manipulating reviews can still lead to account suspension, even with proxies.

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