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Powerful Private Proxy Servers

Unlock the full potential of your online ventures with powerful private proxies.

Enjoy lightning-fast and stable connections in over 20+ countries.

Get dedicated IPs, fast response time, and more premium features with NewIPNow!

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Affordable Private Proxies, Premium Quality

Discover the perfect blend of affordability and excellence with our premium proxies. Experience unmatched online security and lightning-fast connections at an unbeatable price. Get high-performance private IPs from the best private proxy service provider.

NewIPNow: Premium Private Proxy Provider

High Anonymity

Secure, log-free, anonymous proxy servers.


No bandwidth fees

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth at no additional cost.


High Uptime

Use proxies with over 99.9% network uptime.


Exclusive Use

Exclusive proxy list, undivided benefits.


Personalized Proxy List

Choose your package, targets, and locations.


24/7 Support Team

Excellent customer service through live chat or e-mail.

Affordable Proxy Plans

Guaranteed Premium Private Proxies

Most Popular


Number of proxies

10 private proxies

25 private proxies

50 private proxies

100 private proxies

Configurable Location

Number of Cities





Number of Subnets





Configurable Purpose

Unlimited Bandwidth

Elite Anonymity

HTTP(s) Compatibility

Instant Setup

Instant Refresh

100% Guaranteed

24/7 Support

Get Dedicated Private Proxies From Our Global Proxy Network

Get lightning fast dedicated proxies from our global network! With 1,000+ Mbps backbone connections and multiple proxy locations, you can enjoy seamless connectivity. For as low as $8.80, you can get non-sequential IPs and ensure maximum anonymity and security!

Dedicated Private Proxy Server










United Kingdom

United States

North Carolina
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

Buy Private Proxies Dedicated to Your Use Case

NewIPNow proxies are optimized to meet your unique targets. With dedicated IP address and exceptional features, you can trust our proxies to deliver the performance you need to succeed. Choose our dedicated proxies and achieve high success rates for your use case.


Social Media Management

By leveraging premium proxies, you can manage multiple accounts from diverse IPs. Expand your online presence and reach a broader audience without the fear of detection. Conduct comprehensive market research and competitor analysis with anonymous private proxies.


Search Engine Optimization

Use a pool of proxy IPs and gain unrestricted access to data. Gather vast amounts of information without being blocked by search engines. With our fast proxies, you can supercharge your localized SEO efforts by simulating search queries from different locations.



Elevate your e-commerce game with proxy IP addresses. Conduct price comparisons and market analysis anonymously. Quality dedicated IPs can help you overcome regional limitations and open up new opportunities.

Buy Cheap Private Proxies with Premium Quality
Self Service Private Poxy Solution

Self-Service Private Proxies Solution

Enjoy flexibility, total control, and unmatched accessibility. Manage your proxies effortlessly with our advanced and user-friendly dashboard.

Instant Proxy Refresh

Replace any of your IPs anytime! Simply choose the proxies you want to refresh, your targets, and locations.

IP Authentication

You can begin using our proxies right away by simply authorizing your actual IPs – no need for long wait times!

Proxy Tools & Resources

Easily access everything you need with our proxy panel’s convenient and intuitive interface.

Trusted Private Proxy Provider Since 2009

NewIPNow has managed to stay a trustworthy provider throughout the years thanks to its good customer support and proxies that work. We couldn’t find any customer reviews complaining about the service..

NewIPNow Review

They are also compatible with sneaker sites, ads sites, and similar other sites, for which, other providers usually have separate plans and often charge higher. 

NewIPNow Review

Their prices are pretty low considering that other services charge more than twice as much for fewer features.

Top 3 Cheapest Private Proxies

Our Private Proxy List Guarantee

7 Day Money Back

Any issues? Get a quick resolution or 100% of your money back within 7 days.

Premium Proxy Quality

Get high-performance proxies and premium features for $0.88 per proxy.

100% Compatibility

NewIPNow is compatible with all tools that support HTTP/HTPS proxies.
What is a private proxy?

A private proxy is a dedicated IP that is exclusively assigned to a single user. This exclusivity provides enhanced security, reliability, and better performance compared to shared proxies.  They offer greater control and customization options for the user which makes them suitable for specific requirements. Social media tasks and data scraping are some examples.

How to get private proxies?

Simply choose the number of proxies you need, your target websites, and your preferred location. After completing the checkout process, an activation email will be sent to you. This email contains your proxy account where you can access your private proxies.

How to setup private proxies?

Setting up NewIPNow proxies is easy. After logging into your proxy account, authorize your IP. Once it’s authorized, you can start using it on your preferred browser, device, or tool. You can check our tutorials page for the complete instructions!

Where to buy private proxies?

There are various online platforms where you can purchase private proxies. Specialized proxy providers, marketplaces, and reseller websites are examples. NewIPNow offers private dedicated proxies for a variety of purposes.

How do private proxies work?

Private proxies act as intermediaries that route your online traffic through a different IP address. When you send a request through a private proxy, it masks your original IP. It provides anonymity and the ability to access geo-exclusive content.

My target is not in the dropdown. Do you support it?

Our “General” proxies work with all HTTP and HTTP websites. You can try selecting it and if it doesn’t work, you can contact our support team. We’ll help find the right proxies for you or we’ll give you a full refund.

Are my proxies shared with other users?

No, all our proxies are private and exclusive to one user. They are not shared with anyone else.

Do you provide static or rotating proxies?

We provide static IPV4 proxies.

Ready to Get New IP Now?

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