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Premium HTTP and HTTPS Proxies for your Targets

Business: HTTP proxies can be used in various ways. It can help improve the performance, security, and productivity of a business. With the right setup and configuration, you can achieve a range of benefits and competitive advantages.

One such use is load balancing. Proxies are used to distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers. By doing this, you can improve the performance, availability, and reliability of your online services. It also ensures that your network can handle high levels of traffic without experiencing downtime.

Another use is content filtering. You can use proxies to block access to certain types of websites that are deemed non-work-related. It can help reduce distractions and improve productivity among employees, while also preventing security threats.

You can also use it for web scraping. This is particularly useful for research and analysis purposes, where accurate and up-to-date data can be critical to success.

Personal: A proxy IP  can help you access geo-exclusive websites. It can also help speed up internet access by caching frequently accessed resources. This reduces the time it takes to access the website and make online activities faster.

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What is an HTTP proxy?

An HTTP proxy intercepts your HTTP requests and forwards them to the target server. The server’s response then travels back through the proxy before reaching your device. This architecture enables functionalities like IP address masking for anonymity. It also allows organizations to implement content filtering and access control policies on outgoing traffic. Different proxy types exist. Some specializes in anonymization by obscuring your IP, while others prioritize network traffic management.

Providing Dedicated Proxy Service Since 2009

NewIPNow offers social media proxies at a very cheap price. We tested their proxies and confirmed that it works on social media.

NewIPNow has been delivering proxies at a very cheap cost for many years. However, even if the proxies are affordable, the quality is not affected. Proxies supplied by NewIPNow provide a high level of anonymity and dependability.

NewIPNow has managed to stay a trustworthy provider throughout the years thanks to its good customer support and proxies that work. We couldn’t find any customer reviews complaining about the service, so you can be sure NewIPNow is a legitimate company.

Their prices are pretty low considering that other services charge more than twice as much for fewer features. If you’re looking for cheap proxies with good privacy, then Newipnow is the solution.

The interesting thing is that some of NewIPNow customers ask for doubling their orders or buying more IPs. This means one thing only, that NewIPNow provides working proxies and their customers are pleased with what they bought.

The proxies are also compatible with sneaker sites, ads sites, and similar other sites, for which, other providers usually have separate plans and often charge higher.

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What are HTTP/HTTPs proxies?

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) proxies are intermediary servers that act as a gateway between your device and the internet. They receive requests from your device and then forward those requests to the website you’re trying to access. When the website responds, the proxy server receives the response and then forwards it back to your device. Its primary use is to provide additional security and privacy when accessing the internet. By using a proxy IP, you can hide your actual IP address and other identifying information, making it difficult for third parties to track your activities.

Do you have other locations?

Yes. You can choose from US, EU, Canada, Asia, Australia and Africa.

What proxy types do you have?

NewIPNow offers static private proxies. These proxies are suitable for activities that use sticky IP sessions.

Do you have IPV6 proxies?
We currently only offer IPV4 proxies.
Are your proxies compatible with tools and devices?

Yes! NewIPNow works with all tools that support HTTP and HTTPS proxies.

Where can I use your proxies?

You can use NewIPNow for various targets. Managing social media accounts, operating tools, and anonymous browsing are some examples.

We need 5000+ IPs to proxy HTTP sites. Is it possible?

Yes, simply contact our team!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Credit Card and Bitcoin.