Instagram Proxies To Scale Your Marketing 

Instagram proxies are one of today’s vital growth tools. Local and international marketers use it for safety and efficiency. This guide explains the common use cases and the role of proxies.

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Role of Proxies on Instagram 

Seamless Access

Some websites like Instagram have access restrictions. It may not be available to users because of various reasons such as blocked IP address and geolocation. 

Using a proxy to mask one’s original IP address and location can help address such issues.

Multiple Account Management

Social Media Managers handle more than two accounts: a personal + client’s accounts. 

Assigning different proxies on clients’ accounts help maximize activity thresholds. When each account requires mass liking, following, or commenting, other connected accounts may be limited. If consecutive actions originate from one IP, it can be seen as spam activity.

Proxies help localize the account and optimize the target geography. Instagram uses  ‘Location-related information’ when displaying content to users. Through proxies, managers can target a city or country without having to be physically present in the location.

Data Scraping

Data collection is essential for Instagram marketing. Automated extraction of data can help managers improve plans and strategies. 

Proxies help scrapers gather results quickly while protecting one’s IP. What should marketers scrape? Here are a few examples:

Hashtags Research

Using relevant hashtags is the best way to increase post reach. By extracting the hashtags and their data, marketers can strategically engage with users to grow an account.

Giveaway Winners

Many brands host giveaways on Instagram to increase brand awareness and followers. Manually collecting the post, likes, shares, and follow entries can be tedious and time-consuming. Automated collection promotes efficiency and accuracy.

Post Extraction

Collecting public data can help marketers analyze existing and potential consumers. The data is significant in building strategies and retargeting efforts.

More Tips

Do not use free Instagram proxies because you do not know the activities of the previous users.
The safest account to proxy ratio is 1:1, however, some marketers use 3-5 accounts per proxy.
Customize your hourly activities and add idle times between actions.

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