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Enhancing Online Security with Private Proxies

Online security faces an evolving threat landscape. Cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication and diversity, ranging from traditional malware attacks to more advanced tactics like ransomware and phishing. According to recent statistics, the number of cyber threats increased by 32% in 2023.

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How to set proxy in Java code

How to set proxy in Java code?Instructions:Step 1: Ensure that your IP is authenticated in the member control panel. Step 2: You may copy and update this code based on the requirement: import*; import java.util.Scanner;  class ProxyTest {   public static...

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How to set up a proxy on iPhone

How to set-up a proxy on iPhone?Instructions:Step 1: Open iPhone settings. Click Wi-Fi. Step 2: Select the info icon on the right side. Step 3: Scroll down to the HTTP Proxy section. Step 4: Choose Manual. Step 5: Type the proxy IP and port. e.g. HTTP Proxy:...

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How to set-up a proxy in Android

How to set-up a proxy in Android?Instructions:Step 1: Open Android settings. Step 2: Click “Wifi”. Step 3: Select “Modify Network”. Step 4: Click “Proxy” then select “Manual”. Step 5: Enter the IP address and Port of your preferred proxy. You can find this in your...

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How to set-up proxy on Google Chrome

How to set-up a proxy in Google Chrome?Instructions:Step 1: In the Chrome browser, press the “Customize and control Google Chrome” button and choose "Settings". Step 2: Click “Advanced”. Step 3: Scroll down to the “System” title. Step 4: Click on “Open proxy...

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How to fix Access Denied” proxy issue?

How to fix "Access Denied" proxy issue?Instructions:Step 1: Some ISPs are configured to use a different IP when connecting to proxies. Step 2: Check the "Access Denied" page, get the real authorized IP and set it as an authorized IP in proxy control panel. Step...

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Proxy issue: What to do if your proxies stopped working

Proxy issue: What to do if your proxies stopped working?Instructions: Step 1: Check your IP address. Compare the current IP address and your authorized IP in the proxy control panel. Maybe the IP address has changed. Update your authorized IP.  Step 2: Test a proxy on...

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Updating Safari proxy settings

How to update Safari proxy settings?Instructions:Step 1: In the Safari app, choose Safari > Preferences, then click Advanced. Step 2: Click Change Settings (next to Proxies) to open the Network panel of System Preferences. Step 3: Change the proxy settings under...

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NewIPNow vs Other Providers

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