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How to use Private Proxies?


Step 1: Login to the control panel to view your IPs.Set the “Authorized IPs” to your home computer’s IP address to enable access.

Step 2: You can check your computer’s IP in the control panel or on the Privacy Analyzer Tool.

Step 3: Then, replace the existing “” in the proxy control panel.

Step 4: Or you can simply click on “include” to authorize your IP.

Step 5: Configure your browser (or software) to use the given IPs.

*Click on the tutorial below to see full instructions on how to set up your private proxies in your preferred browser.

How to configure your private proxies:

android proxy settings

How to set-up a proxy in Android?

google chrome proxy setup

How to set-up a proxy in Google Chrome?

proxy setup for microsoft edge

How to update Microsoft Edge proxy settings? 

mozilla firefox proxy setup

How to set-up a proxy in Firefox?