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Bright Data vs NewIPNow

Bright Data (Luminati) and NewIPNow are providers of static data center proxies. What’s the difference?

NewIPNow is an established proxy provider founded in 2009 with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. The control panel is advanced, straightforward, and web-based. Newly added features include city targeting, purpose selection, and instant proxy refresh.

Bright Data (Luminati) was founded in 2014 and is based in Israel. They offer various proxy types such as ISP, mobile, and residential proxies. The control panel is a downloadable application, popularly known as Luminati’s proxy manager.

Price Comparison: 50 Proxies + Unlimited Bandwidth

Configuring the number of static IPs, city targets, and purpose may require additional cost with other proxy providers.

With NewIPNow, these features are free. Just spend on the number of proxies that suit your needs.

Bright Data



Number of Proxies

50 static proxies

50 static proxies

Exclusive Proxies

Unlimited Bandwidth

24/7 Customer Support

99% Network Uptime

All Domains

Instant Activation

Elite Anonymity

Proxy Refresh

City Targeting

+ $2,995/month

Money-Back Guarantee

Bright Data vs New IP Now: Proxy customization and price

NewIPNow private proxies are premium quality. For a price of $0.88 per proxy, you get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, free city and domain targeting.

Bright Data private proxies are referred to as “Exclusive”. Proxy pricing was taken from Bright Data’s pricing calculator.

Bright Data


10 Proxies, 10 GB Bandwidth

$ 10/month


$ 8.80/month


10 Proxies, 100 GB Bandwidth

$ 21/month


$ 8.80/month


100 Proxies, 100 GB Bandwidth

$ 100/month


$ 88/month


100 Proxies, Unlimited Bandwidth

$ 140/month


$ 88/month


Why choose NewIPNow?


Guaranteed premium private proxies

Grow continuously and scale without limits. Stay competitive with  elite anonymity proxies.


No additional cost.

Enjoy all premium features for $0.88 per proxy. Choose your proxy location and target for free.


Unlimited bandwidth

Utmost proxy usage for your target. No additional charge per gigabyte (GB) consumed.


Customized location and target website

Conveniently choose your preferred location and target within the dashboard. Select from our vast proxy networks worldwide.

Instant proxy refresh

Change your proxies within the dashboard instantly—no waiting time. Refresh your proxies in seconds!


No software required

Experience a user-friendly proxy control panel. Save your device storage space by using web-based applications.


Advance proxy control panel

Easy navigation. Quickly set your proxies and authorize IP. No complicated process.


Outstanding customer support 24/7

Experience quickly and personalize customer service. Ready to listen, help and go the extra mile for you. Online 24 hours. 

How to get NewIPNow proxies

How to buy datacenter proxies

Get High-Performance Private Proxies @ $0.88/IP + $0.00/GB!


Any issues? Get a quick resolution or 100% of your money back within 7 days.