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Switzerland Proxies

Powerful Switzerland proxies for your targets.

Highly Anonymous Swiss Proxies

$0.88 per Private Swiss IP

HTTP and HTTPs Compatibility

Powered by 1,000+ mbps Connections

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Elevate your technical prowess with our top-tier private proxies. Enjoy nparalleled quality, exclusive access, and unshared benefits.

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Embrace boundless data flow with no restrictions or extra fees based on GB consumption. Best for for the data-hungry demands of technical users!

Tailored private proxy list

Choose your target and location from our extensive global proxy server network. Our self-service dashboard effotlessly caters to the precision requirements of tech-savvy users.

99.9%+ uptime

Indulge in lightning-fast Swiss proxies. With an impressive uptime of 99.9%+, ensure seamless and uninterrupted online activities for your online endeavors.

Advanced proxy control panel

Command your online experience with an advanced and intuitive user interface. Access your proxies and tools directly from your dashboard!

24/7 techical support

Experience swift and personalized support through email or live chat. Our knowledgeable support team ensures that technical assistance is readily available whenever you need it.

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Configurable Purpose

Unlimited Bandwidth

Elite Anonymity

HTTP(s) Compatability

Instant Setup

Instant Refresh

100% Guaranteed

24/7 Support

Switzerland Proxies Proxvider Since 2009

Just subscribed and received the proxies in less than 5 minutes. All proxies were checked with scrapebox and 100% passed google check. Also tested with GSA and all the proxies working. A promising starts, hope it will continue like that.

User Review

Awesome service. Prompt and professional response to my issue and everything is working perfectly now. Proxies themselves are working flawlessly. One or two minor lag spikes but nothing crippling. And for a great price.

User Review

This was the first provider where i can harvest google. I tried 4 at 5th i can scrape google. Working cool, thanks.

User Review

Our Switzerland Proxy Guarantee

Get High-Performance Switzerland IP address @ $0.88 per proxy + $0.00/GB!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Swiss proxy servers?
These proxy servers are intermediary servers located in Switzerland, a Central European country known for its strong privacy laws. They enable users to connect to the internet through a Swiss IP address. They offer enhanced online privacy and security. These servers act as intermediaries between the user and the internet. They facilitate tasks like accessing region-specific content. Switzerland proxy servers are often used for secure browsing, accessing Swiss websites, and maintaining anonymity online.
We need 5000+ proxies from Switzerland. Is it possible?

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