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Scraping has emerged as a vital tool for extracting valuable data. However, its success hinges heavily upon the reliability and performance of the proxies employed.

Private proxies allow for secure and anonymous data collection. With robust infrastructure and optimized routing, NewIPNow ensures enhanced connectivity. Our proxies swiftly deliver your requests and seamlessly handles large-scale scraping tasks. By mitigating the risk of connection failures and IP blocks, you get uninterrupted and consistent operations. NewIPNow utilize advanced caching mechanisms and optimized data transfer protocols to efficiently handle your requests. By managing high-volume crawls, your extraction time are significantly reduced.

Proxies directly impacts the accuracy and precision of your data. Our proxies ensure that you reach your destination websites reliably and consistently. By preventing errors, timeouts, and bottlenecks, you receive complete and accurate data sets. This accuracy is essential for deriving actionable insights, facilitating analysis, and other critical business intelligence tasks.

Reliable proxy servers are the backbone of successful data collection. By investing in premium proxies, you can harness valuable data and scale quickly in today’s data-driven business landscape. Leverage proxies that deliver exceptional speed, uptime, and connectivity. Get NewIPNow proxies today!

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NewIPNow offers social media proxies at a very cheap price. We tested and confirmed that it works on social media.



NewIPNow has been delivering proxies at a very cheap cost for many years. However, even if the proxies are affordable, the quality is not affected. NewIPNow provide a high level of anonymity and dependability.


NewIPNow has managed to stay a trustworthy provider throughout the years thanks to its good customer support and proxies that work. We couldn’t find any customer reviews complaining about the service, so you can be sure NewIPNow is a legitimate company.


Their prices are pretty low considering that other services charge more than twice as much for fewer features. If you’re looking for cheap IPs with good privacy, then Newipnow is the solution.


The interesting thing is that some of NewIPNow customers ask for doubling their orders or buying more IPs. This means one thing only, that NewIPNow provides working proxies and their customers are pleased with what they bought.


The proxies are also compatible with sneaker sites, ads sites, and similar other sites, for which, other providers usually have separate plans and often charge higher.


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What are scraping proxies?

These proxies are tools used to disguise the identity of the scraper. They serve a vital function in facilitating scraping activities while maintaining anonymity and enhancing efficiency. Websites often implement security measures to prevent automated web extraction. These measures may include blocking, rate limiting, or captcha challenges. This is where proxies come into play.

Proxies act as intermediaries between the scraper and the target website. It masks the scraper’s IP address and automatically assigns a new one. This IP change helps avoid detection and circumvent  blocking. It makes the scraper appear to be multiple users from different areas. It also helps distribute requests across multiple IPs which reduces the risk of rate limiting. By changing IPs, users can scrape at a higher speed. This process ensures efficient data extraction and minimizes the risk of getting blocked.

Are using proxies for scraping legal?

Proxies are legal to use. When performing  any scraping tasks, It’s important to consult with legal experts, review relevant laws, and obtain necessary permissions. Seeking legal guidance demonstrates a commitment to compliance, responsible data handling, and respect for intellectual property rights. Adhering to established guidelines are fundamental principles, regardless of whether proxies are employed for scraping purposes or not.

Can I choose other locations?

Yes. You can choose from US, EU, Canada, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Do you offer free trials?

Right now, we don’t provide a free trial. You can test us by purchasing our smallest package. All plans are covered by our 7-day money-back guarantee.

Are your proxies static or rotating?
Our proxies are static IPV4  that are compatible with proxy rotation tools.
Are your proxies compatible with tools and devices?
Yes! You can easily integrate NewIPNow with all tools that support HTTP and HTTPS proxies.
We need a large proxy pool exceeding 5,000 IPs for scraping. Is it possible?

We’d love to hear more about your requirements. Contact our team via live chat or email so we can prepare a  custom plan for you!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin.